2.2.14. groupTable


Apply a user-specified function to condense into a single row all those rows for which columns 'label' have identical values. Output table will contain as many rows as there are different (unique) values in the grouping column(s). Periodic domain averaging of coordinate values is supported. Examples: For grain averaged values, replace all rows of particular 'texture' with a single row containing their average. groupTable --label texture --function np.average data.txt



> groupTable options ASCII table(s) 




-l / --label
column label(s) for grouping rows
-f / --function [ np.average ]
mapping function
-a / --all
apply mapping function also to grouping column(s)

periodic averaging

-p / --periodic
coordinate label(s) to average across periodic domain
--limits [ 0.0, 1.0 ]
min and max of periodic domain



1 head
id  1_vector 2_vector 3_vector
12  1.0      2.0      3.0
2   4.0      4.0      4.0
12  4.0      6.0     -1.0

--label id --function np.sum


1 head
id  1_vector 2_vector 3_vector
2   4.0      4.0      4.0
12  5.0      8.0      2.0

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