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Usage Hints Note: 1. In order for this to work you must prepare your input file such that it already includes the *DEPVAR keyword, i.e. you must define a...
Examples * distance between origin and node coordinates label 'nodeDistance' formula 'np.linalg.norm( #node# )'
Example Based on the example file at $DAMASK_ROOT/examples/SpectralMethod/Polycrystal/20grains64x64x64.geom the following command creates all three features using...
Examples * add squared values Suppose we have a reference ASCIItable containing data to which we want to add the squared values of column y . 2 head # r...
Examples * add squared values Suppose we have a reference ASCIItable containing data to which we want to add the squared values of column y . 2 head # r...
Note the »material stretch tensor« $ \tnsr U $ following from the »right Cauchy–Green deformation tensor«: $ \tnsr C = \tnsr F^\text T\tnsr F = \tnsr U^\text ...
Main.LuvSharma 09 Jan 2015
AnisoBrittle #TableOfContents Features This anisotropic brittle model is based on cleavage of least dense atomic planes. Cleavage is possible in three modes. L...
AnisoDuctile #TableOfContents Features This anisotropic ductile damage model is based on accumulated plastic slip on each slip system. Local damage The local...
ASCII table #TableOfContents Preamble An ASCII table is interpreted line by line and has three parts * head indicator * file heading information * dat...
Details %BEGINFIGURE{ label="fig:packingStencil" caption="Packing stencil concept exemplified in two dimensions." }% For a periodic and regular grid stored in an ...
Body centered cubic (bcc) Atom arrangement %BEGINFIGURE{ label="fig:bcc lattice" caption="Body centered cubic lattice structure." }% ...
Configuration files
Crystal lattice The crystal plasticity material model can be used in conjunction with three different lattice types: * face centered cubic * body centered...
Damage Introduction A fully coupled non local analysis is necessary to model damage that spreads over parts of representative volume element or the structural co...
DAMASK data block #TableOfContents Preamble DAMASK reports at each material point (= integration point in the case of FE solvers) outputs that have been request...
Debugging configuration file #TableOfContents #PurposeMatConfig Purpose Control the additional debugging output of all parts of DAMASK, including the spectral s...
DisloTwin FeaturesMaterial subroutine incoprorating dislocation and twinning physics Microstructure parameterization Kinematics Kinetics Deformation Struct...
Elasticity The type of elastic constitutive law used is selected by subroutines inside constitutive.f90
Element type Names and IDs At present, DAMASK incorporates ten different types of element geometries. The table below lists the element types and their equiva...
Face centered cubic (fcc) Atom arrangement %BEGINFIGURE{ label="fig:fcc lattice" caption="Face centered cubic lattice structure." }% ...
Examples * get every second row of the ASCII table listing only $F_{11}$, $F_{12}$, and $F_{13}$ components of deformation gradient and all (nine) $P_{ij}$ compo...
Examples hexahedral box geom_addPrimitive center 16 16 16 dimension 8 12 16 fill 0 hexahedral_inclusion.geom %BEGINFIGURE{ label="fig:hexahedral" caption="...
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