Source code for damask._config

import copy
from io import StringIO
from import Iterable
import abc

import numpy as np
import yaml

from . import Rotation

class NiceDumper(yaml.SafeDumper):
    """Make YAML readable for humans."""

    def write_line_break(self, data=None):

        if len(self.indents) == 1:

    def increase_indent(self, flow=False, indentless=False):
        return super().increase_indent(flow, False)

    def represent_data(self, data):
        """Cast Config objects and its subclasses to dict."""
        if isinstance(data, dict) and type(data) != dict:
            return self.represent_data(dict(data))
        if isinstance(data, np.ndarray):
            return self.represent_data(data.tolist())
        if isinstance(data, Rotation):
            return self.represent_data(data.quaternion.tolist())
            return super().represent_data(data)

    def ignore_aliases(self, data):
        """Do not use references to existing objects."""
        return True

[docs]class Config(dict): """YAML-based configuration.""" def __repr__(self): """Show as in file.""" output = StringIO() return ''.join(output.readlines()) def __copy__(self): """Create deep copy.""" return copy.deepcopy(self) copy = __copy__ def __or__(self,other): """ Update configuration with contents of other. Parameters ---------- other : damask.Config or dict Key-value pairs that update self. Returns ------- updated : damask.Config Updated configuration. """ duplicate = self.copy() duplicate.update(other) return duplicate def __ior__(self,other): """Update configuration with contents of other.""" return self.__or__(other)
[docs] def delete(self,keys): """ Remove configuration keys. Parameters ---------- keys : iterable or scalar Label of the key(s) to remove. Returns ------- updated : damask.Config Updated configuration. """ duplicate = self.copy() for k in keys if isinstance(keys, Iterable) and not isinstance(keys, str) else [keys]: del duplicate[k] return duplicate
[docs] @classmethod def load(cls,fname): """ Load from yaml file. Parameters ---------- fname : file, str, or pathlib.Path Filename or file for writing. Returns ------- loaded : damask.Config Configuration from file. """ try: fhandle = open(fname) except TypeError: fhandle = fname return cls(yaml.safe_load(fhandle))
[docs] def save(self,fname,**kwargs): """ Save to yaml file. Parameters ---------- fname : file, str, or pathlib.Path Filename or file for writing. **kwargs : dict Keyword arguments parsed to yaml.dump. """ try: fhandle = open(fname,'w',newline='\n') except TypeError: fhandle = fname if 'width' not in kwargs: kwargs['width'] = 256 if 'default_flow_style' not in kwargs: kwargs['default_flow_style'] = None if 'sort_keys' not in kwargs: kwargs['sort_keys'] = False try: fhandle.write(yaml.dump(self,Dumper=NiceDumper,**kwargs)) except TypeError: # compatibility with old pyyaml del kwargs['sort_keys'] fhandle.write(yaml.dump(self,Dumper=NiceDumper,**kwargs))
@property @abc.abstractmethod def is_complete(self): """Check for completeness.""" raise NotImplementedError @property @abc.abstractmethod def is_valid(self): """Check for valid file layout.""" raise NotImplementedError