Can DAMASK be installed on Windows?#

Yes, the open source suite (grid solver, mesh solver, and processing tools) can be used on Windows.

Why does compilation of grid or mesh solver fail due to missing files?#

These require a number of external libraries, such as HDF5 or FFTW (grid solver only), that are expected to be included in the local PETSc installation. If this is not the case, there are two options to remedy.

  • Reinstall PETSc using arguments --download-PACKAGENAME if the respective library is not yet available on your system, or --with-PACKAGENAME otherwise. Note that the PETSc developers recommend the first alternative to ensure compatibility between external libraries and the PETSc core. For DAMASK, --with-hdf5-fortran-bindings is required.

  • In case the necessary libraries are already present on your system, add the path of the respective Fortran module files to PETSC_INCLUDES and the linker command to PETSC_EXTERNAL_LIB in CMakeLists.txt to make the compiler/linker aware of the location of the required software.

Why does compilation of grid or mesh solver fail due to an argument mismatch?#

This happens when using gfortran 10 and higher together with MPICH. To relax the strict error checking, add -DBUILDCMD_POST='-fallow-argument-mismatch -Wno-pedantic' when invoking CMake.

Why does installation of the pre- and post-processing tools via PIP fail?#

The reason is most likely that the VTK module is not yet officially available for Python 3.10. Until KitWare, the company responsible for VTK, releases official builds, unofficial builds from PyVista can be installed with:

pip install --find-links vtk