DAMASK can be used in conjunction with three different solvers:

  1. DAMASK_grid, the included solver for regular grids,

  2. DAMASK_mesh, the included solver for unstructured meshes, and

  3. MSC Marc, a commercial solver based on the Finite Element Method.

See Solver Selection for a comparison of the capabilities of each solver. Moreover, DAMASK comes with a collection of pre- and post-processing tools. Each of these four components can be installed separately.

Installation Options

The following table provides an overview of the installation options, where means recommended, means possible, and means not possible. See each method for detailed instructions.




MSC Marc

Processing Tools

Package Manager



Source Code


For Linux systems, use of the native package manager is recommended. The open source suite contains the grid solver, the mesh solver, and the processing tools. An alternative that also works on MacOS is the Conda package manager.

Container runtimes such as Docker can be used for trying out DAMASK. Container images exist for the grid solver, the mesh solver, and the processing tools.

The pre- and post-processing tools are written in Python 3 and can also be installed from the Python Package Index (PyPI).

Manual compilation from source is meant for expert users only. Nevertheless, it is the only way for coupling MSC Marc with DAMASK.