May 30, 2024: DAMASK 3.0.0 beta 2 released

Mainly bugfixes. Unless severe issues are encountered, this will be the last release before 3.0.0.

January 23, 2024: DAMASK 3.0.0 beta released

Breaking changes for mesh solver loadcase file and various improvements as detailed in the changelog.

November 14, 2023: DAMASK 3.0.0 alpha 8 released

Several breaking changes and various improvements.

October 15, 2022: DAMASK 3.0.0 alpha 7 released

Breaking changes for initial conditions of Grid solver (damage and thermal), use of libfyaml if available, and numerous incremental improvements.

February 18, 2022: DAMASK 3.0.0 alpha 6 released

Bug fixes for thermal expansion and dislotwin in addition to lots of small improvements.

December 23, 2021: Season’s greetings

The simulation setup is available for those who want to tinker themselves.

November 23, 2021: Change of domain

The regular DAMASK website displays now information for DAMASK 3. The website with information for DAMASK 2 has been moved to

October 7, 2021: DAMASK 3.0.0 alpha 5 released

Includes fixes to bugs reported by the early adopters.

October 4, 2021: Spack packages available

DAMASK is now available as a Spack mainline package.

July 11, 2021: Video tutorials added

More video tutorials are available online.

July 1, 2021: New website

DAMASK 3 has a new homepage. Some content is still missing.

June 30, 2021: DAMASK 3.0.0 alpha 4 released

One more release on the way to a stable DAMASK 3.0.