Information about DAMASK release and development versions is provided here. We urge you to use, whenever possible, the most recent release version.

Versioning Scheme#

Semantic Versioning is used for DAMASK releases.
^^^^^^------------------ Name
       ^^--------------- Major (backward incompatible file formats)
          ^^------------ Minor (new features)
             ^^--------- Bugfix
                ^^^^---- Patch

Current Release#

The current release version is 3.0.0-alpha6.

  • Release date: February 18, 2022

  • Download: damask-3.0.0-alpha6.tar.xz

  • SHA-256 hash: damask-3.0.0-alpha6.tar.xz.sha256

  • Release notes:

    • new license: AGPLv3 instead of GPLv3

    • typehints for most Python functions

    • fixed dislotwin (TWIP/TRIP)

    • new and improved material.yaml examples

    • support for PETSc with 64bit indices

    • support for MSC.Marc 2021.3.1

    • MSC.Marc integration works again

    • MPI parallelization of Mesh solver works again

    • new functionality: define initial eigenstrain

    • using physics-based interaction matrix for hP

    • homogenization honors given volume fraction v

    • corrected calculation of thermal expansion

Development Version#

The current development version is available on GitHub:

git clone

Registered users can also clone from the DAMASK GitLab instance:

git clone

Previous Releases#






2.0 series#