DAMASK is developed as free and open source software and contributions in the form of additional features or bug fixes are welcome. Please use the Help Desk to contact the developers in case you have encountered a bug or want to suggest a new feature.

Repository Access#

The development of DAMASK is coordinated through a GitLab instance on Approval of the Contributor Licence Agreement (CLA) is required for accessing this service. To get a corresponding account, please write an email with the CLA attached to stating your approval.


Unknown people will be marked as ‘external’ and get ‘reporter’ permission in the DAMASK group.


  1. Create a new branch for features and improvements.

  2. Once your changes are finalized, request to merge your new branch into the development branch.

  3. Your edits will be reviewed by a development team member and merged upon their approval.

  4. After a successful test, the updated development branch is automatically merged into master.

  5. Releases are manually created from the master branch and constitute the release branch.