Mesh Solver#


The mesh solver operates on an unstructured mesh specified in the MSH format. Neper and Gmsh are the recommended tools to generate mesh solver geometries.

Load Case#

The load case of the mesh solver is written in YAML style. It contains one top-level key:

  • loadstep


… is a list of dictionaries that specifies the details of each individual load step in the simulation. Every load step has a number of parameters that need to be declared:

  • discretization

    • N: number of increments

    • t: time of load step in seconds, i.e. \(t = \sum_{i=1}^N \Delta t_i\)

  • f_out: output frequency of results; e.g. \(f_\text{out} = 3\) writes results every third increment

  • boundary_conditions

    • mechanical

      • dot_u: t.b.d.

      • tag: t.b.d.